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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead requires more than just technical expertise – it demands visionary leadership that drive innovation and efficiency. At AgileDesk, we specialize in empowering organizations to navigate the complex realm of IT and software development with confidence and proficiency.​ With a profound understanding of both the technological intricacies and the human dynamics at play, we offer tailored solutions that transcend traditional consultancy services. Our focus lies not only in optimizing your technical and software iinfrastructure, but also in fostering a culture of leadership and agility that propels your organization towards sustained success utilizing modernized software solutions.​ Whether you're seeking guidance on implementing Salesforce, customizing software systems to fit your evolving business, refining your IT leadership strategies, or enhancing your software development practices, our seasoned experts are here to provide unparalleled support every step of the way. Join us on a transformative journey towards IT and software development excellence. Let's unlock your organization's full potential, together.

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Alcy Baggott

Principal Consultant

With over three decades of experience in software engineering, Alcy's professional journey is marked with a passion for harnessing technology to drive innovation across various industries. His career trajectory has been marked by a seamless transition from hands-on software development roles to impactful leadership positions within the realm of Software Engineering.

Having navigated the dynamic landscapes of manufacturing, tech, distribution, and logistics, he honed his expertise in crafting tailored software solutions to address diverse industry needs. Alcy recognized the transformative potential of Agile methodologies in streamlining development processes and enhancing project outcomes. Alcy played a pivotal role in spearheading the transition of Ingram Content Group from traditional to Agile software development practices underscores his commitment to driving organizational agility and efficiency. Building on this foundation, he directed his leadership endeavors towards fostering development and operational agility, aligning strategic objectives with tangible results.

Throughout his career, Alcy had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed Fortune 500 companies, orchestrating Agile transformations and maturity model advancements on a global scale. His endeavors in scaling Agile methodologies across expansive and intricate organizational frameworks have left an indelible mark on companies such as Omnicell, Inc., Cisco, The Prudential, and the Mayo Clinic.

In addition to my dedication to software and business agility, his pursuits have extended into the realm of cloud development, like AWS and Salesforce development and artificial intelligence, where he leveraged cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and efficiency within the healthcare and technology sectors.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a fervent commitment to driving organizational success, Alcy continues to channel his expertise and passion into shaping the future of software engineering and business transformation.


What Others Have to Say

Benny's real strength is people skills. He is very caring and everyone on the team has a very good personal rapport with him.  He would push us all to be more vocal and challenged us to try different things to improve ourselves and thanks to which we became one of the best development teams in Omnicell. Benny dove right in to learn about and understand the product, talking to engineers, reading documentation, working with the managers and product owners.   He would always find a great balance between customer needs and employee needs in equal measure. It would be a great honor to work with him again in the future and he is definitely a great find for any company.  

Kinchit Raja, Apple

Benny is a strong leader with specializations that include Agile/Scrum, product management, team empowerment, and process management.

He has been involved with AgileAlliance and their annual "Agile" conference, and regional events in and near Nashville, TN as more than just a participant. He has been a speaker, a coordinator, and part of the team that approves speakers for the event.

I have known Benny for many years as both a fellow Agilist and colleague at Omnicell.  He is someone to whom I reach out to for leadership on matters within the company, guidance for my career, and insight into better understanding the Agile mindset.

If I had my own company, Benny is without a doubt a person I would want in company.

Lou Laughlin, EnlivenHealth

I've had the pleasure of working with Benny for several years, and his commitment to coaching and working with scrum teams has been extraordinary. He has a unique way of connecting with his teams in a way that many others do not: he's able to play the role of protector when outside forces disrupt sprint work, but to also hold the teams accountable when needed.

Beyond his work ethic, he's a great colleague and someone who can help loosen up the room during challenging conversations. He's an invaluable asset to our engineering teams and to the delivery of our award-winning solutions.

Lee Eubanks, Rectangle Health

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